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What is OK Full Form?

What is the full form of OK or the full name of OK, many of you will not know. You are all right here. OK is the English word OK full form, if not we can tell you that its full form is 'All Correct'. This means that everything is correct.
ok full form-Oll Korrect-GIforu
After this, on 23rd Mar 1839, for the first time, an American newspaper published OK "Oll Korrect". Then some days later, a newspaper called the Boston Morning Post made it short. Since then people still speak ok.

What is GDP Full Form (Gross Domestic Product)?

From the news to the common man, one word is often very much in discussion and that is GDP. But what's GDP ie gross domestic product?  Full-Form GDP (gross domestic product) is the most important measure to measure the economic health of All countries. GDP (gross domestic product) is the total cost of production of goods and services during a particular time duration.
The govt releases GDP estimates every 3rd months and yearly. GDP (gross domestic product) is related to the region in which income is generated. It is the market value of the total production generated in a nation in a year. This is also paying attention to where production is being received and not who is producing it. It measures all domestic products. Whatever the nationality of production units, GDP includes all sectors like private and public consumption as well as foreign balances of investment and trade.

How to Calculate GDP?

GDP = Consumption + Gross Investment + Government Spending  + [Imports – Exports]

What is the IPS Full Form?

The IPS full form is "Indian Police Service". The job of an IPS officer is to maintain law and order in the country and to completely control the crime occurring in the country. IPS job is an officer rank job in the country.
IPS full form-Indian Police Service-GIforU
The "Indian Police Service" IPS full form is one of the three all-India services of the Govt. of India, IRAS (Indian Railways Account Service), IAS (Indian Administrative Service), IFS (Indian Forest Service). IPS was established in the year 1948. The cadre controlling authority for the IPS is with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

IPS Exam is a part of Civil Services Examination which is conducted every year by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) UPSC conducts various types of Civil Service Examination for appointment to administrative posts. Like - IPS, IRS, IAS, IFS, you can become a Police Officer only after clearing such exams.
IPS full form-GIforU

IPS ka Full Form "Indian Police Service":-

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