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After the whole day, everyone wants to get a delicious and wonderful dinner, for that it is necessary that the dishes should also be chosen as excellent and tasty. Although everyone has a different taste and the way of cooking everyone, today we have brought for you some dinner recipes with the help of which you can choose the dishes according to your mood and taste and can make delicious dinner. 
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Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Dinner:-

All these dishes are liked by most and are ready in a very short time, which will make your dinner tasty and will not take much time.

1. Dum Potato Recipe:-

Dum Aloo has a very spicy, peppery and fragrant flavor. The fragrance that comes in the way of making it captivates everyone. A feature of Dum  Aloo is that it does not take much material nor much time. You can make this special dish in a while. Dum Aloo can be served with Kulcha, Butter Naan, Punjabi Paratha, Roti, Tandoori Roti or Rice. Keep the size of the potatoes you will use while making Dum Aloo, it will make it easier for the eater, and your dish will also look Will be attracted. The curd that we use while making gravy should be water spilled.

2. Method of Making Dal Makhni Recipe:-

Dal Makhani recipe is a very tasty and wonderful dal. By the way, this is a Punjabi pulse, but today you can go anywhere, you will get specialties everywhere. The more creamy and buttery it tastes, the more easily it can be made. Nowadays, not only the children but even the elders, make a lot of tantrums by eating pulses, but this is such a pulse that hardly anyone can do it because its taste is very tasty which easily captivates everyone's mind. One who eats this pulse once is sure that he will definitely keep it again.

3. Method of making Malai Kofta Recipe:-

Malai Kofta is a very tasty and delicious dish. Malai Kofta Roti, Naan, Kulcha, Paratha can be eaten with anything. This is a very evergreen vegetable. You can make it in any season. As a creamy kofta is put in a nutritious cream, it tastes very creamy and some sour-sweet. The specialty of Malai Kofta is that it gets ready very quickly. If the kofta is very soft, there is no problem in eating it too. Nuts are added to it which enhances its taste.

4. Method of making Chole Bhatura:-

Chole Bhatura has a very tasty, delicious, soft, and crisp taste. Eating it is something else. This Chole Bhature is a Punjabi dish but now it is liked everywhere. Chole Bhature everyone likes to eat with great passion. Chole Bhature is the pride of every party. Be it any function or a birthday party, Bhature enhances the elegance of your party. If you want, you can also, make it for dinner. If you serve small Bhatura with chutney, lassi, salad, etc., then the fun of eating it will be doubled.

5. Cauliflower Fry Recipe

Cauliflower Fry recipe is a dish that anyone can make whenever they want. Most people make it in their dinner or dinner. You can make this delicious dish even if a guest comes to your house. In the cauliflower fry, the cabbage is first fried on a low flame, which makes it a little crispy, and everyone eats it fondly.

6. Method of Preparation of Greens Recipe:-

The taste of greens is very tasty. We add a good amount of spices to it, which makes it spicy and aromatic. Its fragrance spreads so far that people are unable to stop themselves. It is a Punjabi dish whose whole world is a fan. Everyone may have heard of maize bread and greens, but not everyone has tasted it. Today we will tell you the properties of greens and delicious recipe for making them.
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7. Jackfruit Korma Recipe:-

Jackfruit korma is a popular summer vegetable. This vegetable comes In the summer season, then everyone eats it with hobbies. Its season does not come again, so everyone consumes it as much as possible. Jackfruit Korma is a very tasty and excellent vegetable. It is made mostly in the summertime. Everyone likes this vegetable and it does not take much time to cook it. You can make it easily whenever you want.

8. Method of Making Spinach Chickpeas Recipe:-

Spinach Chole is a Punjabi dish, but now you can go anywhere, you will definitely get to taste it. Spinach Chole is now available at weddings and parties. Spinach chickpeas have a pungent and spicy taste. Good spices are added to it, which makes it even more spicy and wonderful. Survey it with roti, paratha, or naan, all will eat it with passion. So much taste and benefits are not easily found in one vegetable. Seeing its taste and quality, all people consume it with great passion.

9. Process of Making Potato Potato Recipe:-

The tasted potato is spicy and spicy. Everyone loves their wonderful and peppery taste. You can easily make grated potato in a very short time. Raised Potato is the most famous dish in India. It is a vegetable that is liked by all. These juicy potatoes are made in every house and all are consumed with great passion.

10. Process of Making Potato Puree Recipe:-

The taste of potato filling is very tasty, spicy, and peppery. If you eat it with roti or paratha then it will taste even more delicious. You can make it whenever you want. The filling of potatoes is famous everywhere. This is what most people like to eat at dinner or lunch. Due to its taste, everyone eats it with hobbies. Everyone likes delicious and spicy potato fills. When you make it free, you can survey everyone in the food. It is prepared in a very short time and everyone likes it.

11. How to Make Brinjal Bharta Recipe?

Brinjal Bharta is a very tasty and wonderful dish. You can make it easily whenever you want. Everyone likes it. Most people eat it with great passion. Brinjal Bharta recipe is famous everywhere. This is what most people like to eat at dinner or lunch. Due to its taste, everyone eats it fondly. The taste of Bangan Bharta attracts everyone's mind. While making it, its aroma spreads far and wide, which makes everyone feel like eating it. Brinjal fills are excellent.

12. Process of Making Cowpea

The taste of cowpea is spicy and peppery. Everyone likes the taste of cowpea. Good spices are added to it, which makes it spicy and it is enjoyed by all. The most special feature of cowpea is that it does not take much time to be prepared as it tastes. You can eat it with roti, paratha, naan anything. Most people like to eat cowpea with rice. It is also beneficial for health.

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