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CCTV camera is very much beneficial for us in this security. We can monitor the activity by putting it in our homes or offices. CCTV camera has become very much a necessary device for us today like a smartphone. It can be purchased from any nearby market according to its needs.

What is a CCTV Camera and Full Form of CCTV Camera?

The full form of CCTV is "Closed Circuit Television" and also known as video surveillance. CCTV Camera is known as closed-circuit television. At the same time, some people also known as video surveillance. CCTV is a closed-circuit system. 
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With the help of CCTV security cameras, we can monitor at home or office. You can also record a picture or video. However, the video is recorded on a DVR (digital video recorder) or NVR (network video recorder).

Advantages of CCTV Camera:-

1. CCTV cameras are available in the market at all costs. 
2. Home or office and shops are easily monitored through CCTV. 
3. CCTV camera footage is viewed by connecting it to your laptop or smartphone. 
4. All types of CCTV cameras (Closed Circuit Television) are available in the market, which can be purchased according to your requirements.

So let's talk about some types of CCTV Cameras ...

Indoor and outdoor CCTV Camera:-

Indoor and outdoor talk first about the indoor and outdoor CCTV camera. Let us know, we can also use an outdoor camera in an indoor way. However, indoor cameras cannot be used outdoors.

The indoor camera is most beneficial for the security of the home and office. At the same time, the outdoor camera is made in a very strong way. Due to which he can withstand the weather outside. Outdoor Dome Security Cameras are weatherproof and can withstand all weather and temperatures.

Day / Night Dome Camera:-

We may need a CCTV camera all the time. In such a situation, it is important to keep in mind that your cameras can perform better in the night and day time. However, most CCTV Dome cameras are Day / Night dome cameras only. In which an imaging chip is used. Which can capture good images even in low light without infrared light?

Dome CCTV Camera:-

Dome CCTV Camera is quite beneficial for home security. These cameras can be mounted in-ceiling brackets or fitted in roof brackets. Which depends on the field view and application requirement. Let me tell you, it is specially installed for monitoring inside homes, casinos, retail stores, and restaurants.

Bullet Camera:-

A bullet camera is placed in a structure, which is a long cylinder shaped in view. These cameras are specially made for outdoor use. They are used in residential and commercial spaces. Bullet camera comes with different sizes and capacities. Some of these cameras have features such as manual zoom lens and high range capability.

Infrared dome CCTV Camera:-

These cameras work wonderfully for "night vision". Let me tell you, infrared dome cameras record high-resolution color videos during the day. 

These consist of an IR light-emitting diode or LED series, which switches the camera to infrared mode. This CCTV camera captures black and white pictures in infrared mode. However, these cameras require a lot of power.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera:-

Pan-tilt-zoom or PTZ, cameras can be rotated remotely up or down, left or right. Which are quite easy. These cameras can be zoomed in and zoomed out. These cameras come with automatic object tracking. Which zooms in when the camera detects motion and follows the moving object.
CCTV Camera-Which CCTV Camera is Best for Home-Advantages-GIforU
PTZ CCTV cameras are large and have 360-degree viewing capability. They also have a larger lens size that can cover and scan the entire area.

C-Mount Camera:-

The C-mount has a lens. Which is commonly found in 16mm film cameras and closed-circuit TV cameras? These cameras can be replaced with lenses. If you want to see a face from 35 or 40 feet away, you need a C-mount camera with a special lens. The C-mount lens is available from 4mm to 100mm. With a 4mm lens, you can see a face of up to 35 feet in a 70-degree viewing angle.

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