Good Hindi Moral Stories for Kids or Childrens in Simple English

Some of these two Moral Stories for Kid's are very short and basic moral knowledge. In fact, some are so basic that they are shown somewhere in Kids or children's books. You can read two moral stories for children English.

Moral Stories for Kids In English

Dhobi Ka Kutta Na Ghar Ka Aur Na Ghaat Ka-(Washerman):- 

Today's story is very motivational. There was a boy named Deepak who used to play football very well, but he did not seem to have a place anywhere. He used to do the same work that other people used to do.
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Sometimes he used to play football and sometimes he used to play cricket, he himself did not know what to do and what to be. It was a matter of a day that some friends were reading with the newspaper, it was written that some players on the district lining Will be selected after one week. Deepak also heard this news and said that this time my selection is sure. Everyone started preparing for it, Deepak started preparing himself and his mind did not seem to have a place. Sometimes the practice of cricket is sometimes football, not everyone speaks the same. But he thought that he would select himself in both.

The trial started, everyone started giving their own trial. When the result came after the trial, a lot of Deepak's friends got selected and Deepak gave the trial in both and his name did not appear in anyone. Hearing this, Deepak cried a lot and decided himself that whatever work I will do after today, I will do it with all my heart and till the end.

We get to learn from this story that whatever work you want to do in life, just and only focus your attention on it, only then you will be successful. Otherwise, if you do it after seeing others, then you will also have the same condition that neither you will be able to do anything here nor will you be able to do anything else.

Once you have thought, work until it is found, because what is found after a very difficult thing is something else. Work hard, you will definitely get fruit one day or the other.

Shoch Ka Fark – Ek Chappal Bechane Vaale Kee Kahaanee:-

We all have to think very much in our life sometimes and sometimes our thinking is good and sometimes it is negative. Today I am going to tell you a story that will open your mind and you will definitely learn something.

Ram and Shyam both worked together in a sandal making company. It is a matter of one day that the company owner told both of you to go to a village, where no one wears slippers. Both of you have to go there and sell your slippers, Shyam is very sad to hear this from the owner and starts thinking about how can one sell slippers when he does not wear any slippers. On the other hand, Ram was very happy that today I am going to a place where no one wears slippers, all my slippers will be sold there and I can earn a lot of money.
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What was next, both of them reached the village with their slippers. When both of them reached the village, Shyam said to Ram, brother, first you go, I will come after cook. Ram had understood in his mind that Shyam is scared, he said no matter what, I will wait for you. Then Ram walked alone and reached the village and lovingly told the people about the sandal, at first the people could not understand, but when Ram cursed more, all the people gave Ram's sandal Crazy for taking. In just some time Ram's entire slippers were sold and some people did not get the slippers, then Ram also called Shyam and sold all his slippers.

Seeing all this, Shyam said, how Ram got all this. Then Rama told him, it is all just a matter of thinking. If you think positive then everything will be right with you, but if you think everything negative then everything will be the opposite with you.No work in this world is better than a human being, it is time for all of us to change our thinking. If you like the story, then do share it.

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