What Do You Mean TBH, DNA, DRDO, PH Full-Form? Part 4

Here I am writing a blog about TBH, DNA, DRDO, PH. You can know the full form of TBH, DNA, DRDO, PH, and also know about use. So you read on GIforU for Full Form.
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What is TBH Full Form in English?

This abbreviation is very popularly used in online chatting and massage on Facebook! It is generally used as a hashtag when the user has to post their honest thoughts or opinions on a topic! It is used to save time eg: writing "TBH" is much simpler and time-saving than writing "to be honest".
tbh-full-form-What is TBH Full Form in English-GIforU
There are billions of posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag before TBH (#TBH). Although it is not only teenagers, there are many individuals who have been used heavily with TBH. These shortcodes are created by our youth who are passionate about smartphones all the time.

What is the DNA Full Form? Do You Know DNA?

Full form of DNA Dioxyribo Nucleic Acid in English. DNA is a structure found inside the nucleus of a human cell, which is acid in nature. Which is found in every cell of the entire body of man such as hands, feet, eyes, etc. inside the nucleus of the cell of any organ which is found in every human being.
What is the DNA Full Form-Do You Know DNA-GIforU
DNA carries out all the genetic functions in our body. Genes of DNA are genes. DNA also regulates the process of protein synthesis in our body, such as how much protein should or should not be produced in our body at what time.

DNA is a structure found inside the nucleus of a human cell, which is acid in nature. Which is every cell of the entire body of human beings like hands, feet, eyes, etc?

What is the DRDO Full Form? 

Do You Know DRDO? DRDO ka full form is "Defense Research and Development Organization". DRDO is the country's leading organization for India's defense research. This organization works as a subsidiary unit of the Indian Ministry of Defense.
What is the DRDO Full Form -GIforU
DRDO is continuously developing missiles, weapons, light fighters, radars, electronic warfare systems, so as to strengthen the army. Efforts to show India as a power in front of the world.

What is the PH Full Form?

Do you know PH (Potential of Hydrogen)? The full form of PH is the Potential of Hydrogen. It represents the ratio of hydronium ions (H3O) to hydroxide ions (OH). It is a measure of the acidity and alkalinity of a solution.
The PH value scales from 1 to 14. In which a PH value of less than 7 indicates that a liquid is acidic. The PH value of more than 7 indicates the alkali of the liquid. When the PH value of a liquid is only 7, it is considered neutral ie neither acid nor alkali.

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