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All of you in our post today, where I am going to give you complete information about the IT Full form, CC full form, BCC full form, and also another full form of IT.

What is the CC Full Form and Meaning in Email?

CC is the full form of "Carbon Copy". This is called carbon copy in Hindi. If you want to send an email to your special friend and you want the remaining 3 friends to know whether to send an email, then you can enter the remaining 3 of your friends in the Email Address CC Field. By doing CC, all four friends will know who has gone to the email and their email addresses will also be visible to each other.
Suppose if you face a problem in front of one customer in the company in which you work and your boss gives you the responsibility to correct that problem. But your boss also wants to see what you talk to the customer via email. So in such a situation, you can put your boss in Address CC by putting your customer's email address in too. With this, the carbon copy of the email you are sending to the customer will also reach your boss.

If cc is being used in reference to an engine, then cc here refers to the cubic capacity of the engine. That is, the amount of volume that the piston displaces in the internal combustion engine is displayed in cc.

What is the Full Form of BCC in Email?

The most important thing in this is that by doing your CC, the customer will also see the email address of your boss. This is called CC. But if you do not see the need to Email Address Hide your boss Customer and you do not want Email Address Customer's your boss, you can use the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy).

Do BCC when you want those whom you have sent an email to not know that this email has gone to someone else and instead of using To or CC fields to hide the list, their email address should be sent to BCC field You will have to enter which nobody will know to whom the email has been copied.

Today, the term CC Email is very popular on the Internet among users. Some people place their Email IDs in the CC field with the recipient's name. The CC field is also used to send a message to more than one recipient. Today the word BCC is also used a lot on email. BCC means empty carbon copy.

What is the Full Form of IT?

IT has Full-Form "Information Technology" and furthermore, it has another Full Form and it is Income Tax. Wherever this IT word comes in, you must have already understood how much flower form of IT is there, but the main flower form of it is Information Technology.

This is the side of a computer, inside which is a field of work related to some programming and inside it, you also get a degree. This is a very fun field, if you go inside it, then you can become a very good person. Often people do something invent inside IT, only when these people have a direct relationship with the President of our country and apart from this, all other education classes are related to the Education Minister.

Those people give new technology to India, so if you also want to do something in the Technology field for India, then you can go to the IT field.

How is Admission Done in IT?

First of all, to get admission to this, you also need a very good number on the 12th and after that, you have to pass its competition paper, which is very difficult, then you should go to an institute and prepare for it. You, Will, have to do it, then when you pass that paper, you will get your merit.

What is Another Full Form of IT?

Everyone knows that this is the field of "Income Tax", within which you have to pay tax to the government on your income. With the help of which our governments run this country because our country's income is the highest from tax.

If you do a government job, then you have to pay tax on your income or if your income is too much, then even if you have to pay this tax to our government, then it is also another meaning of IT Full Form.

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