Small Moral Stories for Kids in English Online

In childhood, we grew up listening to stories from grandparents and grandparents. Those who study you will definitely learn something in life. Every story has some message or education hidden.

Short Story Stories for Kids:-

You can read small Moral Stories for Kids in English online at GIforU. You can find Best inspirational stories for Kids.

Small Moral Stories of Frogs and Boys

One day some boys were enjoying close to a lake. A family of frogs lived in that pond. The boys started throwing stones within the lake for his or her fun. And when the water wont to bounce, those boys additionally wont to jump with joy. As soon because the stone went into the water, the poor frogs started shivering due to pain. Finally, a fellow frog came out and prayed. 'Children do not play such a dangerous game'. Through that you're experiencing seventh heaven, the same game is turning into a reason for a painful death for the U.S.A...

Lesson: -
"We shouldn't entertain ourselves by twiddling with the lives of others."

Small Moral Stories of Crow and Abbeel:-

Once associate Ababil and a crow were debated regarding the sweetness of their wings. Ababil boasted to the crow that "Look at my shining wings." They're thus beautiful. And simply check up on your black, clumsy wings.
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These square measure however dangerous wings are. Beauty is everything in my life. " Hearing this, the crow smiled and he same to the Ababil, "You are often lovely, however, your beauty stays solely in the spring. you only cannot stand the warmth. whereas observing Maine, my wings protect Maine from each cold and warmth."

Lesson: -
"Companions of happiness aren't true companions."

Small Moral Stories of Wolf and Donkey:-

Once, a donkey was grazing within the grassland. Then he saw a wolf coming back towards him. The donkey directly lame put on The wolf asked the donkey the rationale for his gimpiness. The donkey told that he was passing through a bush, then a foot in his The thorn cut. Currently, the donkey requested to get rid of the thorn from the wolf. The wolf that Ate it accepted the donkey's request. as a result of the felt that the donkey might now not run away.

The donkey raised his leg and therefore the wolf bent down and checked out the fork. then again the donkey hit the wolf's mouth and said: - 'You square measure the butcher, no doctor!' The wolf started licking the dirt and therefore the donkey ran a gallop and saved his life.

Lesson: -
"You should work along with your intellect in times of bother."

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