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Today I am sharing two full forms with you. What is the full form of PSU, what is a PSU? What is the full name of rpm, what is rpm? You can read in this post on Ginfo4u what is the full form of RPM and what is the full form of PSU.

What is a PSU Full Form?

PSU's full form is Public Sector Undertaking. It is called public sector undertaking in Hindi. PSU is a company that comes under the jurisdiction of the government and the majority of its equity is with the government. If you say it in easy words, there is a Major Shareholder Government in such a company. For example, BHEL Company which is a Government is a Major Shareholder due to which it is called a Government Company and it is also known as PSU.
If the company is not a major shareholder, then it cannot be called a government company. That is why it is called Private Sector Unit and according to the Government of India rules, if the government holds 51% or more of its shares in any company, then it is called Public Sector Unit.

Qualification for PSU

For PSU, the candidate should have a GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) degree.

Age for PSU

Depending on the organization for which you are applying, you should be between 22 to 40 years of age.

PSU Exam Pattern

If the candidate passes the GATE score, then the candidate will be called for a personal interview directly, after which a group discussion will have to go.

Popular PSU Company

There are many such companies that are controlled by the government and the names of some such companies are given below.

Coal India Limited
State Bank of India
Food Corporation of India
Indian Oil Corporation Limited
Power Grid Corporation of India
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited
Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited
National Thermal Power Corporation
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Limited

What is the RPM Full Form?

The full form of RPM is Revolutions Per Minute. RPM's full form in Hindi is rotated per minute. It is a unit of rotational speed or frequency of rotation around a fixed axis. It measures how often an engine's crankshaft rotates on its axis in a minute.

What is RPM and how it works?

RPM has full form Revolutions Per Minute. It is called every minute round in Hindi. RPM is used to measure mechanical components such as CD or DVD players, Computer Hard Drive Automobile Engine, etc. This directly means how many times it rotates in 1 minute.

RPM is used to determine Access Time on Hard Drives in Computer. RPM is a measurement by which the hard drive of a computer is rotated in 1 minute. The higher the RPM, the higher the speed at which data is accessed. 

If you are comparing two hard drives, which hard drive will work faster such as one with 5400 and the other with 7200 RPM. In this, Hard Drive with 7200 RPM will be able to transfer data much faster than other data.

What does RPM Mean on the Computer?

You must have often seen that the hard drive capacity of a computer can be shown in RPM. The Hard Drive with higher RPM will work faster and whose Hard Drive will move at a slower speed will work at a slower speed. Hard Drive having high RPM is capable of transferring data with high speed.

Why RPM is Important in Cars?

For standard transmission vehicles, this can be a good indication when it is time to shift to higher or lower gears. Shifting protects the engine from damage before the vehicle is hit and can ensure a smooth transition to higher gears. Similarly, before the RPM is too low, the shift will prevent the vehicle from drifting or there will be fluctuations due to the slowing of the vehicle.

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