Hindi Moral Stories in English for Kids Part4

Hello friends, today I have come with two stories for you, you can read it in this post. Such as How the villagers taught a lesson and Things owned by other people look good.

How the Villagers Taught a Lesson? Moral Stories in English for Kids

Nek Ram and his wife Rukmani lived in a small village. He planted grains in his field and when the crop was ripe, he sold it in the market and nurtured it.


Before planting the crop, the field had to be excavated which is a very laborious task. It is not so difficult to plant seeds and to irrigate or to harvest ripe crops. This year, Nek Ram thought why not dig the field without putting in hard work. If someone is given an excavation job, a lot of money will have to be paid. He did not even want to spend money and it was not to work hard on digging this year.

After much thought, an idea came to his mind. According to his plan, he told Rukmani to spread the news throughout the locality that there is a lot of money in the farm of Nek Ram. Rukmani spread this to his friends and other women in the village. And the same thing fell in the ears of men in a moment by women.

And the same night many people rushed to Nek Rama's farm in search of money and dug the whole field. But no one got buried money, how can one get it because there was no such money at all. Everyone tired and returned to their respective homes.

The next morning, when Rama got up and found his field inscribed, he could not stay happy. He became proud of his clever intellect. He immediately picked up a bundle of seeds and sowed the seeds in the field. Seeing him sowing seeds, all the villagers started feeling cheated. He understood that the noble Ram spread the matter of suppressing wealth and made him fool. But what could I do, so I sat silent.

A few months later Nek Ram's fields were waving from the harvest. All that was left to do was cut them and sell them in the market. Thinking that I will start harvesting from tomorrow, Ram went to sleep after eating food. The next day, he woke up in the morning, and when he reached the field with his hand, was stunned. The entire crop was cut and cut so ruthlessly that no one would buy that grain. On the hard work of his months, someone had dipped in one night.

He could not understand which enemy did this. He then asked his wife Rukmani to find out. When Rukmani met her friends, it was found that last night someone had spread the news in the village that Nek Ram had hidden a lot of money in his crop. So to find the hidden wealth, all the villagers destroyed that crop.

On the other hand, Rama was regretting having his farm dug free. The villagers here were celebrating him learning a lesson.

Moral of Story:- Only then, it is said that someone trying to cheat others is caught one day

And he has to regret it.

Things Owned by Other People Look Good| Moral Stories in English for Kids

Both Raghav and Veda were real brothers. Despite having children of only one parent, there was a sky difference in the behavior and behavior of both.


While Veda was always ahead in studies, Raghav hated books like that. Veda respected not only his parents but also the elders of the entire locality. But Raghav never learned to respect anyone and learned manners. When he looked up, he used to feel proud of himself just by displaying his sharp tongue.

Raghav used to feel like suffocating in this small town as he entered his youth. The pain of being born into a medium family haunted him. Whenever he requested anything, the parents refused to make an excuse for income. After all, they too had to bear the expenses of the house for a month according to the salary. But oblivious to all these things, like Raghav, he used to blame his own parents for not fulfilling their needs.

The parents had often explained to Raghav that if he does not improve his behavior, he will have to suffer a lot later. But where was Raghav going to listen to someone? Through friends and cinema, the glitter of big cities always attracted him. The people of the big city shown in the cinema were seen dressed in fine clothes, meeting in multi-story buildings, partying, eating in five-star hotels, or walking in new vehicles.

He had only one purpose in life, keeping all these sizzling life dreams in his mind. Somehow big cities, such as Delhi or Mumbai, go so that the rest of life can be spent in the fun.

After saving money from his pocket money, Raghav left home from his dream city, Mumbai, taking only what he could collect. Before walking, he wrote a letter to the parents that he was going to the big city, where he did not write anything. After getting up in the morning, everyone was paranoid about what this boy did.

Asking here and there showed that someone had seen him walking towards the station. Just no other news.

On the other hand, Raghav, sitting on a fast running train, was lost in all these things in his dream world. On reaching Mumbai, he would first buy new clothes, eat food in luxurious hotels, and enjoy the cool breeze on the beach. Seeing his future in these golden moments, as soon as a station arrives, he immediately starts asking his hitchhikers, “Mumbai Agaya kya. "By that time, all the passengers sitting in that train box had known that Raghav was going to Mumbai for the first time.

After all, when the train stopped at Mumbai Central, it was once shocked to see a crowd of people there. So many people probably did not even live in his entire city. Hanging his bag on his shoulder, he came out of the station at a slow pace and would sometimes go up this road, sometimes on another road. It seemed as if the whole of Mumbai would roam today. After some time, when hungry, he went to a small hotel and had a meal.

He had only 1200 rupees left after the meal.

In this metropolis, he would not be able to spend so much money on this, he thought that why should not arrange for living first, and then I will look for a job.

Asking the hotelier to stay, listen to what he told Raghav's senses. Desperate, he asked the hotelier to get any job. Perhaps the hotelier felt pity for him. He hired her here. The task was to show my hands in the kitchen, keep clean, clean the utensils. Pay only 3500 rupees a month, but you will get a place to eat food and sleep.

Thought I will do it now, I will keep searching for a big job simultaneously.

Wakes up at 5 in the morning, cleans up, and then cuts the vegetables in the kitchen all day and sometimes dishes. Used to sleep at around 12 o'clock at night. Then he had to wake up at 5 in the morning. This sequence continued for 15 days. Till now he had neither seen his dream city of Mumbai nor had the opportunity to see the sea waves. If I had a little free time, I would stand outside the hotel and visit the multi-story buildings and luxury cars.

Taking a day off, he kept going through the offices and shops all day to get a good job. But everywhere he felt disappointed. Then after a few days, I realized that if the job is one, then the ten people are already standing. He is the only one who has a job. But no one knew him in this city. After wandering through the day, the night returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

It was lying on the bed that different kinds of thoughts started appearing in the mind. Did I run away from my parents to work in this hotel, what was the benefit of coming to the big city, where would I get money to buy big taxes and live in a luxurious house? Who will give me a big job in this metropolis, I do not even know anyone here. Thinking all this, he set him to sleep.

He woke up again at 5 o'clock in the morning and kept thinking about the thoughts going on in the mind throughout the night cleaning. Finally, at 9 in the morning, he went to the hotel owner and asked to leave the job. The hotel owner was a man of compassionate nature.

He explained to Raghav how many young girls reach Mumbai every day, being impressed by the glow of the metros. But you cannot see the dust behind this glow, unaware of the struggle that they have to do to stay in this city. Only one-half of a million can be made, but the rest are trapped only in a round of lentils, which they would have got while living in their small town.

The hotel owner gave 2000 rupees to Raghav and took a promise that he would return home. When he came here with his dreams, he had only 1200 rupees but today he is returning with knowledge of the reality of life, then 2000 rupees. This is not a loss deal. He smiled and climbed onto the train.

He landed at his city station and walked towards the home. Just thinking about how to meet parents and brother along the way. When she reached home, Mother opened the door. Seeing Raghav, tears of happiness started dripping from his eyes and he hugged him further.

Seeing the father standing inside, Raghav hugged his feet and started apologizing. But the parents and brother were most happy when Raghav himself promised that now he will stay in this small city to complete his studies and then get a job.

Everyone felt that now Raghav has changed. After completing his studies, Raghav started working. Now he lived in harmony with the people and respected the elders.

Moral Of Story:- Dreaming is not a bad thing but to realize those dreams requires hard work and perseverance.

Everyone sees the glittering beauty of the metropolis but does not see the story of the struggle hidden behind them. That is to say, the drums of distant places are pleasant.

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