Hindi Moral Stories in English for Kids Part6

I am sharing two Hindi Moral Stories in English for Kids with you. Which is Father's Priceless Words and the Importance of Money? You can read both these stores in this post. Which you will like. If you like this moral story, then you must share it with friends and family. Read on Ginfo4u for a more moral story for children.

Father's Priceless Words |Hindi Moral Stories in English for Kids

In the wake of the financial crisis going on around the world, many companies had to retrench the workers to reduce their losses. The fired employees also got confused about what to do now, because these days there is a famine of jobs. You do not get a good job and what you get there is less salary.


Our friend, Prem, also got hit by this retrenchment. What was the job of love, as if the world was destroyed. Throughout the day, Gusum would sit in the room and at night, when everyone slept, he would wake up like an owl and walk around the room. 

Neither food nor drinking nor any conversation with anyone. Mother, brother, sisters, and friends explained very much that now stop thinking of the previous job and look for another job. But he would not have any effect on the love heart. Whoever spoke to him would just keep looking at him, not saying a word. Did not shave for four days, leave the bath, and did not wash it properly till the mouth.

He was hit by a pit in his eyes as if a patient was two years old. Then his father, who went to Jaipur for a week, returned. On seeing the atmosphere of the house, it was understood that the matter was serious. 

Hearing the whole thing, it was found that Prem had missed his job. Knowing the state of his mind, he also felt sad but not so much that he too would become misguided like love. Experienced, he had seen many ups and downs in life.

After a while, all the members of the house reached Prem's room. The father who had gone out for a week asked with love, "Hey, how are you, I came home after a week and you didn't even come to meet me." "Love was a little embarrassed and heard the angry words of the father" No father, nothing like that, just a little bit of health. "The people of the house also breathed peace, let's say love is right.

Then the father asked him to bring breakfast for everyone and started narrating stories about his tour. Sometimes he used to talk about Gupta Ji and sometimes Sharma Ji, sometimes he started telling about Jaipur.

He told a joke in conversation, everyone laughed as soon as he heard. Hearing that jokes, even Prem could not stop his laughter. Dadashri again recited the same joke during the talk of his visit to Jaipur, everyone laughed with love. Then he turned things towards his Jaipur tour. 

There he did it, met him there, ate it there, saw this new place there, and repeated the same joke for the third time during these talks. No one laughed, just stared at everyone and looked at them.

All of you laughed moments of laughter and do not want to live it again and again. Then why do you want to live the moment of sorrow again and again?

By living a good moment, a person moves forward, in the same way, why do you keep the moments of gum from your chest. Forget what happened, think of life before you." Prem understood what the father's direction was. 

He too forgot his gum and started looking for a new job.

Moral of The Story for Kids:- "Friends, there are ups and downs in life. We should take a lesson from them And in the coming time, one should try to do better than before".

Importance of Money |Hindi Moral Stories in English for Kids

After Surajbhan's father's death, he was the sole heir to all his wealth and mansion. Not knowing how many people came to hear the news of his father's death, he paid his last tribute, supported Surajbhan in his time of grief.

When we calculated the property left by the father, he understood how rich he has become now. He began to feel that with such wealth, he had no need to do any work.

Then what was there? As soon as evening, friends of friends started coming to his house. Dancing, drinking, and drinking, and many feasts were started throughout the night. He became a hero of friends. 

Everyone flattered him and started benefiting from him. He did not feel any sadness in looting such simple wealth. After all, for how many days this wealth of wealth will flow, one day, the filled well is also empty. When the influx of funds started diminishing due to lack of wealth, the gathering of friends and friends also started to drop.

Sick friends disappeared, when the money was exhausted, who would shoulder the weight of friendship. And one day also came when Surajbhan was left alone to spend the evening. No friend or friend, no party, no dish, no dancing song, no echo of people's laughter. Moreover, there is no lamp in the mansion that has lived for years.

Suraj Bhan, sitting alone like a man in the room, was thinking about the artificial life of so many years. The grief of looting the wealth earned from the hard work of the father in such a way was haunting him.

How the showy faces of friends and friends ate the revenge, it was piercing his mind like a thorn. Tears welled up remembering how the flattery had clipped him till yesterday. He did not expect such deception from his friends.

Everything was looted, but the mansion was still his own. Sometimes it comes to mind that one should sell and do business. But what should the business do, and then whether the business will be successful or not, who is the public?

On the other hand, this fear also persecuted him that by selling the last sign of his father, he would not become completely directionless. If the mansion remains, it will be as if the father's blessings will continue.

Then, one day, in the night, his father appeared to him in a dream and said, "Looks like you have lost consciousness. Hey, friend and sycophant, it is till your own till your pocket will have money. "He apologized by clinging to his father's feet in a dream and promised to take all these things as the basis of his life." 

The father also embraced him in his dream and said, "Go to the basement of the mansion, there is a lot of wealth." But remember that it should only be used for the welfare of all people. Soorajbhan's dream broke after hearing this.

It was morning when my eyes woke up. The dilemma was clearly visible on his face, was it just a dream, or was it really the father's blessing. Confused, he took out the key of the cellar and a torch from the cupboard and walked towards the closed cellar for years.

There was also a web of spiders with dust on the basement doors and locks. Somehow he cleaned and opened the lock and entered inside. He could not even see properly due to the darkness. When he lit the torch out of his pocket, he looked at a box in front. When Surajbhan opened the box, his mouth remained open. There was so much wealth in the house that he did not know.

Remembering his father, he once again repeated the promise that he would use all this wealth to help only and only the needy.

Surajbhan was once again rich, but with a change. He did not spend any money in decorating the mansion, nor did he decorate friends. He was disgusted with the artificial look. He had abandoned the life of Ashram.

After much deliberation, Surajbhan opened a hospital in Puri Puri Haveli. Renowned doctors used to treat patients there for free. Arrangements were also made to stay with the family members who were admitted to the hospital. Medication, surgery, and food were all free. Never any money was taken from anyone. Seeing the patients recovering without spending, the number of patients also started increasing. People from far and wide would come there to get free treatment and after getting well, they would bless Surajbhan with heart.

Seeing Surajbhan's determination to defeat the pain of others, many big businessmen started giving donations to the hospital. With that donation, Surajbhan asked for much new equipment that would help the patients to be treated better. In view of the popularity and efficiency of the hospital, annual grants were also given by the government.

In this way, Surajbhan fulfilled his father's dream promise by making the mansion resonating with Mahfilas a medium of service to the poor.

Moral of The Story for Kids:-

"Remember, only the person who lacks it knows the importance of wealth. Be smart with sycophants and use your wealth for any appropriate and progressive work. Except for luxury, spend your money and time to defeat the sufferings of an inferior, your mind will get true happiness."

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