Hindi Moral Stories in English for Kids Part 5

Hello friends, today I have brought back two more story stories such as Greedy friend, Thief caught. Read on Ginfo4u about more Greedy friend, Thief caught moral story for kids in English.

Greedy Friend |Moral Stories in English for Kids

Suresh and Mahesh Langotia were friends. Meaning, ever since their senses took over and started wearing diapers, their friendship became famous in the village. See when we used to meet with each other. Both always supported each other in good and bad times. There was no means to earn more in the village. Neither of them had any land. 


Even then both of them were working hard for themselves and their families. In view of the rising inflation, one day Mahesh suggested that why not go to the city and do some work so as to earn more. Suresh also liked this suggestion. And a few days later, after arranging for the family's food and drink, the two friends went to the city to try their luck.

Luck also supported him. They were hardworking and at the same time, there was a desire to make their family and their future bright. Luck just turned around and both got a lot of work. There was a lot of wealth through hard work and blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

When both of them had accumulated a lot of money, then why not go to the village and stay with the family for a few days. May his family get the benefit of his earned money and lead a happy life. Thinking of this, both of them set out towards the village.

Hearing this, Suresh too got confused and said, "You tell me what to do." 

Mahesh suggested why not bury this money under a plum tree. No one will know and when we need money, we will dig it out.

Suresh knew that there were crowds of children around the plum tree all the time to eat fallen berries. Apart from this, the elders of the village used to always gossip in the shade of this tree. Suresh too agreed with Mahesh's suggestion after knowing that such an interesting place was safe.

The same night, both of them together dug a pit under the plum tree and buried all the money there. It was also decided in both that whenever someone needs money, they will gather together and extract the buried money. Both of them now relaxed and went to their respective homes and slept comfortably.

But one day Mahesh took a greedy idea in his mind that why should he not use all his wealth. In the same greed, he took out the buried wealth under the plum tree that night and suppressed it behind his house.

A few days later, Suresh needed a few rupees, so as per the certain interest made by both of them, he went to Mahesh and said, "Mahesh, I want some money, let's dig it out when everyone sleeps tonight." Mahesh agreed.

At night, when both of them started digging under the plum tree, they saw that all their money had been stolen. On seeing this, winds started blowing on Suresh's face and he sat on his head. Mahesh started pretending to be sad. 

Suresh could not understand how anyone could know about the secret of our wealth being buried here. But Mahesh started tying him up and said, “Our fate is bad. Perhaps someone has seen us wielding wealth."

Suresh was shocked when he said to call the police, Mahesh immediately said, "Hey, what will the police do in this?" They will not catch the thieves, instead, they will blame us for why money is buried in the ground. 

Suresh felt a bit strange after listening to Mahesh, something suspicious happened. He said to clear the doubt "Let's leave the police, we call the panchayat." "Even when Mahesh started to ignore, Suresh's suspicion deepened. Has his childhood friend betrayed him? This thing started echoing in his mind.

The heart did not agree but his words were pointing in that direction. Suresh called the panchayat the next morning. The panchayat chief heard and understood the whole thing. He also asked Suresh and Mahesh to take him alone, but both refused to steal the money. The panchayat was also surprised that when no one knew about this money other than both of them, then who committed the theft.

After thinking some thought, the panchayat decided that why not walk and look at the place where the money was buried.

The panchayat and all the villagers walked towards that plum tree. Then someone said in a loud voice, "Hey, where did Mahesh go. "Then all the Panchs and the villagers started looking for Ruk Mahesh. Some people also went towards his house but nothing was known about Mahesh. 

Mahesh was searched all over the village, but could not find anywhere. Everyone wondered where Mahesh suddenly disappeared. All this chaos ensued, two hours passed.

When Mahesh was seen coming from the front, everyone's curiosity increased. When I asked him, he had a friend from another village, who he had left to reach the bus station. Listening to this, the panchayats and the rest of the villagers also started muttering among themselves. Well, everyone went towards the plum tree again.

Panchayats who reached there saw the place well. No one was able to understand who could dig a pit in a place where people are crowded all day.

If the excavation took place at night, how would anyone else know that money is buried here? Thinking out of the mouth of the sarpanch, "Who can steal money?" "Then a parrot sitting on a plum tree said loudly" Suresh is a thief. "

As soon as he heard the parrot's voice, everyone started looking at the parrot. The sarpanch then asked, "Who is the thief?" "The parrot then replied" Suresh is a thief. "

Suresh's face turned white after listening to the parrot. He kept looking at the parrot standing speechless. He could not understand why the parrot is saying this. Then the sarpanch approached him and placed his hand on his shoulder and said, "I know you did not steal. 

"Suresh immediately got up," then why is this parrot taking my name. People will accept parrots as true. "Then the sarpanch said to all the villagers in a loud voice," Brothers, I have caught the thief. "

The thief's name is Mahesh.

Hearing this, all the villagers looked towards the sarpanch and asked together, "But the sarpanch ji will not lie to the parrot, he will say what he has seen. "Then the sarpanch told everyone the secret of the parrot to call Suresh a thief" Brothers, a parrot can never speak our language on its behalf. He only repeats what should be said to him. Someone told him "Suresh Chor Hai" and he asked me when he asked."

When the villagers asked who would have rotted it to the parrot, the sarpanch said, "The two men who were missing from the Mahesh Panchayat came to teach the parrot at the same time." When all of them started looking at Mahesh with sharp eyes, Mahesh's mask got shattered. 

He confessed to stealing and told about the money lying behind his house. You saw, how the sarpanch understood that Suresh's stolen money was returned to him and sentenced Mahesh to clean the village daily without pay for the theft.

Moral Of Story:-

"Greed and because of that greedy instinct before committing any wrongdoing. It is important to think that one day the mistake will be caught."

Thief Caught |Moral Stories in English for Kids

I still remember that day was 26 January, I cannot remember the year.

Slept early in the night as I had to get up at 4 in the morning. We had been making a program to watch the parade of 26 January with friends for a week. After all, it was decided that both I and Bhushan would leave the house at 4.30 pm and rub the remaining friends in Daryaganj. Everyone will gather from there and reach India Gate via Connaught Place and watch the parade.

Did not set the alarm but at 4 o'clock the sleep itself opened. Eyes were going towards the bathroom that suddenly my eyes fell on the cupboard of Dad's room. It felt strange to see the cupboard open. Father would never leave it open because his money lived in it.

I went to the bathroom, but openly the open cupboard was running in my mind. Well, came tackling the bathroom and slowly went to Dad's room and in the dark, it appeared that the stuff was scattered here and there. I woke up my father to sleep and saw the light burning, both of us were surprised.

The box in which Dad kept the money was lying open and empty. A camera was also missing. Dad recalled that about Rs 50,000 and the camera were stolen. We are both shocked and upset as to who the thief could be. Our servant named Kishan was sleeping in his room. When he picked him up, he too came rubbing his eyes and said that he too did not listen to anyone's call.

Then my eyes went to some marks on the floor near the cupboard. On the floor, there were marks of clay made of a sandal. "Rudra Pratap" came out of my mouth after seeing the design of the marks. This was the name of the person who had been a servant with us a few months ago but had gone to the village after taking leave. He had got his place of Kishan before going to the village.

Dad looked at me and asked, "What do you say, Rudra has gone to the village." It was true, but the needle of suspicion was pointing in my mind. Because the marks on the floor were marks of Bata's sandal, and Rudra always wore only Bata's sandal.

I went outside to my garden and then came inside, so the soil marks started falling on the floor. In January, due to the cold and dew, the soil of the garden was slightly wet. It has been decided that whoever committed the theft came inside the garden. And he knew in which room the cupboard kept the money.

He asked Kishan that he said that Rudra had gone to the village and he himself was sleeping inside the room. Now there was no option but to call the police. I started the car and reached the police station and told the whole thing. Very few policemen were seen in the police station as most of them were on parade duty on 26 January.

After a while an inspector and a constable accompanied me. On the way, I also told about the footprint of slippers and to doubt Rudra. On reaching home, the inspector scrutinized and also saw slippers. When he called Kishan and asked for Rudra's address, he said that he had gone to the village.

But Inspector Sahab was not satisfied and took Kishan to the police station with him. While walking, I was asked to reach the police station after 2-3 hours. After his departure, my father and I were also a little surprised that Kishan had no wrinkles on the police station, nor did he cry or begged. Very calmly went with the police.

After having lunch, I reached the police station at 1.30. As I entered the inspector's room, I was shocked to see Rudra sitting in front, perhaps my suspicions were correct. Then Inspector Sahab said that all this was Kishan's trick. It was he who forced Rudra to seduce and steal.

From the morning when the Inspector asked Kishan many times who had committed the theft, he was adamant as usual that he did not know. But when the inspector showed some strictness, he confessed everything. Rudra was also arrested at his address. All the money and the camera were also recovered.

Inspector Sahab told me that Kishan and Rudra belonged to the same village. When Kishan came from the village and found Rudra, Kishan had no job. Rudra used to dress well, eat well, and always had money in his pocket. Seeing this Kishan started getting jealous. He wanted to remove Rudra and get a job himself. He told Rudra that he could be married to the daughter of the village sarpanch if Rudra gives Rs 40-50,000 to the sarpanch.

Although Rudra used to earn well, it would have taken many years to accumulate so much money together. But the idea of? Marrying Sarpanch's daughter was not coming out of her mind. Kishan convinced him to steal our house just by taking advantage of it. After our sleep, Kishan opened the outside door and let Rudra come in and both of them opened the cupboard together. Rudra went with money and camera and Kishan came and slept again in his room. The footprints on the floor were really Rudra's own.

Well, a case has been registered against both of them. Next, only the honorable court will decide what punishment is to be given to them.

When I started walking from there, I asked permission from Inspector Sahab and asked Rudra, “My father brought you up like a child, never let me wear any food and drink. Then why did you do this? " What did he say, just looking at me and trying to wash my sins with tears.

Moral Story:-

"See how expensive friendship with the wrong person is. Remember, wrong thoughts are always born in the mind of the wrong person. If you hit your feet in the mud, some mud will fall on itself."

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