2 New Teams will play in IPL 2022, BCCI Approves Ten Teams

Latest news for the fans of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) match. Now 2 more new teams are going to be seen in the Indian Premier League (IPL)

BCCI Approves 10 Team IPL (Indian Premier League) from 2022

2 New Teams will play in IPL 2022, BCCI Approves Ten teams-Ginfo4u

The BCCI has approved 2 more new teams in the BCCI AGM held in Ahmedabad. The BCCI has decided that from the year 2022, the IPL (Indian Premier League) will be a tournament of 10 teams.

Currently, 8 teams participate in the IPL. First of all, there were speculations that only two teams can be increased from IPL Indian Premier League 2021, but this year mega auction is also to be held, due to which Ten IPL (Indian Premier League) teams will be fed from 2022.

Will Adani and Goenka Buy New Teams?

The question of who will be the owner of two new teams of IPL (Indian Premier League) is quite interesting for everyone. According to the news, Adani Group and Sanjeev Goenka will be ahead in the race to buy the IPL (Indian Premier League) team. A team in the IPL (Indian Premier League) may be from Ahmedabad, which the Adani Group has already expressed its intention to buy. Now the world's largest cricket stadium has also been built in Ahmedabad.

Matches will be done in a new style Let us know that in the year 2022, when 10 teams are seen playing in the IPL, then their format may also change. Currently, the IPL round robin is played in which each team competes with each other two–two times and the Four teams with the most points play the qualifiers. But with Ten teams, the format is likely to be different. In which it is being said to divide the teams into 2 groups. However, there has been no confirmation of this.

Are know two new teams in IPL (Indian Premier League) 2022 edition? That is Adani Group and Sanjeev Goenka read at Ginfo4U. BCCI Has confirmed that two new teams.

Two more latest news from AGM 2 more big news came out of the BCCI AGM held in Ahmedabad. 

According to sources, all first-class cricketers (both women and men) will be properly compensated for the limited domestic session due to the corona epidemic.

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