IUC Full Form | MRF Full Form Part 23

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IUC Full-Form | MRF Full Form In English

IUC Full-Form | MRF Full Form In English-Ginfo4u

After Jio Outgoing 6 paisa Calls, many questions related to IUC started coming up in the minds of customers like what is IUC. And why has Jio imposed a 6 paisa charge on the outgoing call and what are the future changes due to the IUC? So this is a question that is going viral on social media after the IUC announcement of Reliance Jio.

What is the Full Form of IUC?

The interconnect user charges ie, IUC fee is a fee determined by TRAI when a customer makes an outgoing call from a mobile phone on a network other than your network. So the network that customer has called from, that network has to pay IUC fee to those networks on which the customer has made an outgoing call.

TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India 2 years ago TRAI had set the IUC rate of 6 paise per minute. At that time TRAI also decided that The IUC will be completely abolished from 1 January 2020.

And this thing was written by TRAI in parliament but a few years before Jio's arrival, in 2011 also TRAI had written in Supreme Court that they will completely eliminate IUC in the coming years. And relying on all these things, Reliance Jio has made all voice calls free for Jio customers from day one.

For customers here, this voice calling was free but Reliance Jio has been giving Aaj Tak to other operators at the rate of 6 paise per minute on every outgoing call.

If the number of Incoming calls and Outgoing Calls on Jio Network was equal then it was not a problem but in our country, it is not so here the number of outgoing calls from Jio is more than Incoming calls.

For the last 3 years, Reliance Jio has given more than 13 thousand crores rupees due to IUC fees in another network account, and even today Jio is forced to give 200 crores IUC charges every month.

It is important for you to know that such a huge amount which is being given by Jio to other operators in a way is a subsidy in a way.

We all know Jio is a 4G network, but about 35 crore customers of other networks still use 2G network, these 2 customers still have to pay a reasonable amount for a voice call.

For the sake of which those 2G customers started giving a missed call on Jio, as soon as the missed call comes on Jio, the Jio customer returns the call to 2 customers.

Why is a voice calling free on Jio, that is, the incoming call on Jio here actually turns into an outgoing call for which IUC on this outgoing call from Jio due to IUC gives 6 paisa extra minutes to other operators. Get money.

According to a report, 25 to 30 crores miscalled on Jio every day, and due to this Jio has been charged with IUC, now the problem is that TRAI will reconsider its decision to completely remove the IUC fee from 2020. A consultancy paper has also been released.

It is decided that Jio will not pay the other network company in the name of IUC for an indefinite time, so Jio has decided that till the end of IUC, the outgoing call on another network will be charged 6 paise per minute from Jio customers. Will be taken This is not an increase in Jio's charges but a recovery of the payment of the IUC that Jio has to pay to other operators. Here Jio to Jio customers will be completely free, apart from this all landline and incoming calls will always be free.

Leaving 6 paise per minute, there will be no change in the current plan of Jio, the only difference will be that after 10 OCT 2019, whenever you recharge Jio, then you will have to buy IUC TopUp Voucher to call out going to another network. This Voucher will be available in different amounts starting from Rs. 10.

MRF Full Form In English

What is the morph, what is MRF, what is MRF's main product, what is MRF's products, MRF's Headquarter is located at?

What Is The Full Form of MRF?

MRF has a full form of Madras Rubber Factory. MRF is called Madras Rubber Factory in Hindi. MRF is the largest manufacturer company of a multinational tire in India. MRF (Madras Rubber Factory) is the 14th Largest Manufacturing Company in the world. Its headquarters is located in Chennai, India. This company makes many more products from Rubber.

MRF is India's number 1 tire manufacturing company. It was started as a small toy balloon unit in the year 1946 by KM Mammon Mapillai. But much later in November 1960, it ventured into tire manufacturing. MRF Company collaborated technically with Tire & Rubber Company, USA.

In 1964, MRF established a foreign office in Beirut, Lebanon to exploit the export market. This was one of India's first attempts at attire exports. In 1989, the company launched FunSchool India in association with US-based Hasbro International, the world's largest toy manufacturer. In the same year, it entered into an agreement with Vapocure of Australia to manufacture polyurethane paint formulations and with Pirelli for muscle flex conveyors and elevator belting.

History of MRF

The company was launched by K.M. Was launched in 1946 by Mammen Mappillai. At that time this toy used to work as a balloon producer. In 1952, this company started manufacturing Tread Rubber. Madras Rubber Factory emerged as a private company in 1960 and started tire manufacturing in partnership with Mansfield Tire and Rubber Company and in 1973 Nylon Tires Manufacture was started for the first time.

MRF Key Products

  • Tires
  • Treads
  • Tubes
  • Conveyor belts
  • Paints
  • Toys
  • Cricket Equipments
  • Awards

It was awarded as the Most Trusted Tire Company in India by the Global CSR Study of TNS 2006. The MRF company has won the JD Power Asia Pacific Award for customer satisfaction seven times. MRF was awarded the CAPEXIL Award as an acknowledgment for its export performance. MRF Company won the JD Power Award for the 10th time in 2013.

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