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Are you know about PPM and MSP? If no, So you can read at Ginfo4u for PPM Full Form and MSP Full Form. I will share all information about what is PPM & MSP?, what is the benefit of PPM & MSP?

Are You Know PPM Full Form & MSP Full Form?

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What is the Full Form of PPM?

PPM means Parts Per Million. Parts per million (ppm) is a method of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. A PPM means one in a million or 1 / 1,000,000. It usually describes the concentration of something in water or soil. 1 ppm per liter of water is equal to 1 milligram (mg / L) or 1 milligram per kilogram of soil (mg/kg).

A method for expressing concentrations of a solution is used when the amount of solute in a solution is too low or the concentration is too low.

The number of parts of a solution present in one million parts of a solution is called parts per million or ppm. The number of mass parts of a solute that is present in 10 million weight parts of a solution is called PPM or parts per million.

Parts per million (ppm) = (mass of solute / mass of solution) x10

The PPM concentration method is used when the solute content in a solution is very low. That is when the amount of a substance in the solution is very less dissolved, in that case, the concentration of the solution is demonstrated by the following method.

It can also be expressed in the form of milliliter per milliliter, that is when a milliliter of a substance dissolved in a milliliter solution, the concentration of the solution can be called 1 ppm.

When a solution is made by stirring four drops of lentils inside a 55-gallon barrel of water and then the concentration of this solution is equal to one ppm, you can infer from this example that this method of concentration is then used Goes when the amount of solute is very less present in the solution. Or a second within 11.5 days can be expressed by a PPM to understand. The number of toxic gases present in our atmosphere is also expressed as PPM because the amount of toxic gases present in the atmosphere is very small, such as 10 ppm NO gas means that 10 grams of air in a million grams NO gas is dissolved.

What is the Full Form of MSP?

MSP's full form Minimum Support Price, also known as Minimum Support Price, is a type of fixed income that is provided to farmers on their crops irrespective of whether the crop has produced more or less. This does not cause any harm to the farmers.

What is the MSP Calculating Formula?

  • Price A1-manual labor animal labor machine labor ground revenue other prices
  • Price A2- Price A1 Ground Rent
  • Family Labor - Work of family members
  • Price C2- Price A1 Rent of family-owned land Interest on fixed capital (excluding land)

How MSP is Beneficial for Farmers?

  • The farmers do not price the crops through the Minimum Support Price.
  • Even if the prices of the crops of the farmers fall in the markets, they are also provided with a prescribed MSP.
  • The income of farmers increases through MSP.
  • Farmers are assured of getting MSP.
  • They get the MSP fixed on time by the government.
  • The loss of subscribers is reduced through MSP.

Why is the Minimum Support Price Declared?

The main objective of declaring the minimum support price is that if the production of food grains exceeds that of a year, then the farmers will not face any difficulty due to the price of grains and provide them a fixed income for their maintenance. Go

After the Minimum Support Price is procured through the local government agencies, the Food Corporation of India and NAFED have their storage and this allows the government to reach the poor for the Store Saver Public Distribution System. MSP is a very beneficial price for our farmers through which they get a means of good income. Farmers without MSP have to face a lot of difficulties, hence there is a lot of demand for MSP by the farmer.

What is the issue related to MSP?

There are five related issues related to the minimum support price, which are as follows

First, the concept of minimum support price has distorted the market. It is an effective one for paddy and wheat and is only an indication for other crops.

The second MSP does not differentiate between different classes; it just refers to average high quality.

The third MSP has been fixed for paddy and wheat procurement, which is directly related to the Ph.D. This system works well but is limited to a few crops.

Fourth, the MSP has to store some crop, it cannot be made available to consumers throughout the year.

Fifth, our trade policy for agricultural products is also distorted when the management of other's exports continues.

Which Crops get MSP?

22 compulsory crops for which MSP is being announced by the government for the last 3 years. Of these crops, 14 crops are Kharif such as paddy (common and grade A) Jowar (hybrid and Maldi varieties) millet, maize, ragi, Arhar, moong, urad, groundnut, soya bean, sunflower, rosewood, Nigresid cotton (medium staple) And long-staple variety) and 6 Rabi crops such as wheat, barley, gram, lentils, rapeseed and mustard safflower, and two commercial crops Riz Judith and Khopra. Apart from all these crops, on the basis of MSP of Toria and Mustard and copra, MSP is also fixed for Riya and Dee Hasak coconut.

Who Decides MSP?

The MSP is an institution of the country called the Agricultural Costs and Prices Commission. It comes under the Ministry of Agriculture of the country. This institution was started in January 1965, when it was named the Agricultural Price Commission in 1985, after adding the cost to it, it became the Agricultural Cost and Price Commission. It gives its figures to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs and the Government of India and determines the MSP of different crops after getting permission from these three places.

How is MSP Fixed?

The MSP is factored into the data of certain standards of the Commission such as

  • Cost of a particular crop in different areas of the country
  • Farming expenses and changes in the next year
  • Cost of singing per quintal of grain in different regions of the country
  • Grain cost per quintal and change in next year
  • Cereal Price and Average Change in Next 1 Year
  • The price of the grain that the farmer sends and what he buys
  • Government and public agencies like SP and NAFED storage capacity
  • The amount of grain consumed on the family and the amount of grain consumed on an individual.
  • Demand and availability of food grains in the world.
  • The cost of transporting food grains from one place to another.

The conclusion of Articles:

Today we have provided all the information related to MSP & PPM through this article like what is PPM & MSP, how is MSP implemented, what is the benefit of MSP, and PPM.

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