Boastful Fall | Gold Chain Story for Kids in English

Today I am sharing two Moral Story with you. Who is known as Boastful Fall and Gold Chain, then you can narrate this short Moral story for young children?

Boastful Fall Story for Kids in English

Ghanshyam was a magical art in the hands of Swarnakar. Seeing his art, it seemed as if no human being has shown his skill by any elusive power. Whoever took a piece of gold in hand would do such an art on him that the mantra of the observer would be enchanted, just staring at the jewel.


Even in far-flung states, when the wedding marriage ceremony took place, he would first remember Ghanshyam Swarnakar. People felt that marriage was a dull affair if the bride did not wear Ghanshyam's handmade jewelry.

Even with such skill, Ghanshyam never boasted of his art. He always lived a simple and simple life. There was never any lack of sweetness in his speech. That is why people from other provinces used to come to learn the art of goldsmithing from him. And Ghanshyam would always give him knowledge of his art from the heart. 

There was always competition among the disciples of Ghanshyam that who learns the art in the shortest time and whose art makes Ghanshyam ji most happy.

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One day a young man named Gulshan came to him. It was sent by Ghanshyam ji's acquaintance, so he kept him close to him. After inquiring about his acquaintance and his family for some time, he asked the boy the reason for his arrival, Gulshan replied, “I have come to learn the art of making gold ornaments from you. "Then some people came to meet Ghanshyam ji. Ghanshyam Ji got busy with them. Gulshan sat and watched when all these things were finished and Ghanshyam should teach him his art.

Ghanshyam ji understood that this boy is arrogant. But honoring the acquaintance who sent it to him, he asked him to rest now and learn the art from tomorrow.

The next day he sat down with other disciples and started giving information about the nuances of art. All the disciples were sitting in their hearts and minds listening to those things. But Gulshan had no attachment to these things. He was in a hurry to learn artistry, after which he wanted to open his shop. After a long time, Ghanshyam Ji gave everyone a small piece of gold and asked him to make a flower artwork on it.

After making the flowers, everyone showed the drawn figure to Ghanshyam ji. Ghanshyam ji kept looking at the shapes of everyone and gave praise to every student with his suggestions. But as soon as Gulshan showed his figure, Ghanshyam ji was taken aback. Perhaps he could not even make such a beautiful shape of a flower. He showed the figure made by Gulshan to everyone and praised Gulshan wholeheartedly. Gulshan was not able to hear the praise.

The next day they gave everyone one more piece of gold and asked them to make peacocks on it. On that day also Gulshan made such a peacock that Ghanshyam ji was stunned and praised him again.

After listening to his praise for two days, Gulshan had started walking on the seventh sky. He felt that if a goldsmith like Ghanshyam was so impressed with his art, what else would he be able to learn. He felt that he had learned all the art, so why waste his time by staying there.

Ghanshyam ji explained a lot to him but due to his arrogance and arrogance, he had no effect on Gulshan, who considered himself best, and he left from there.

When Gulshan returned home, his parents were shocked. What a miracle that you all learned so quickly? But Gulshan was only haunted by the ghost of opening the shop. In front of his insistence, the parents did not do one and they got him hired on a shop.

Outside the shop it was written "Gulshan Swarnakar"

Two days later the first customer arrived. A woman came in and asked Gulshan

"I want to make bangles, do you make them?" "Gulshan immediately said yes."

"How much will it cost?" 

Gulshan spoke so the first customer was

Give those who come to heart. "

"Oh no brother, book the account first. I do not get into trouble later. "

Now Gulshan could not understand what he said. He also spoke, neither did he know the price of gold, nor did he know how to make a bangle.

He only knew how to make shapes on gold pieces.

Seeing Gulshan silently, the woman said, "You tell me separately by making the price of gold and making it." If it feels good then I will get it made "

As if Gulshan's words were dry in his mouth. What he said was gone, becoming a goldsmith and being embarrassed. He somehow left the woman asking her to come tomorrow, lock the shop door and walk towards the house.

He apologized to the parents and took his luggage and reached Ghanshyam ji's house. Ghanshyam fell at his feet upon seeing him. "Teacher, what for two days, no one can learn your art even in two lives." Forgive my fool and take me to your shelter.

And keep burning in the fire till I become gold according to your mind. "Ghanshyam ji picked him up and embraced him and forgave him again and became a disciple.

Story of Maral :- "Understanding or boasting oneself as the highest always causes a downfall."

Gold Chain Story for Kids in English

Sudhakar lived with his father, brother Suresh and sister-in-law Kanchan. The mother died a few years ago and the father retired. Brother used to work in a private company. Sister-in-law lived at home and did all the household work herself. Everyone was happy that one day suddenly the father also fell in love with God.

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Sudhakar was deeply shocked by the sudden death of his father and started considering himself an orphan. A lot of relatives gathered at home after the father's death.

Because elder brother Suresh used to work and was already married, all the relatives were worried about Sudhakar. Suresh assured everyone on his behalf that he and his wife would always take care of Sudhakar.

Everything was going well at home. Sudhakar's brother-in-law took good care of him. This year was his last year of school. He took the exam and waited for his result. When the result came, it was found that he had topped not only his school but the whole district.

He was happy and reached home and told the sister-in-law, he also embraced her and gave her a lot of blessings.

At night, Kanchan Bhabhi made Sudhakar's favorite food and had a great celebration when she met her elder brother Suresh with such good marks. Everyone went to sleep after gossiping till late in the night.

The next day was the second wedding anniversary of Suresh and Kanchan. On getting up, Sudhakar congratulated brother and sister-in-law. Be ready, when Suresh started leaving for office, he said, "Yesterday was a celebration of Sudhakar's passing, today we will also celebrate this anniversary with great pomp. "

Tonight the sister-in-law made Suresh's favorite dish and started waiting for Suresh to come. When Suresh came, first Sudhakar went ahead and gifted him and sister-in-law a bouquet of flowers. Laughing happily, all three started enjoying food.

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The next day was Sunday, so no one was in a hurry to get up. Finally at 9 o'clock when the three sat down to have breakfast, Suresh talked to Sudhakar about studying further, Sudhakar quickly told that he wanted to become a doctor.

Saying this Suresh got into thinking. After all, he himself had studied only up to B.A. and then a job. And the job was not too big so that his salary could cover the cost of medical studies.

He also had a desire to allow younger brother to study further, but how will he be able to fulfill Sudhakar's dream of becoming a doctor. But brother, my salary is not so much that I can pay your medical college fees. Hearing this from the elder brother's mouth, Sudhakar felt like a jerk. He started remembering his father, he would have arranged for his fees from anywhere. Perhaps this is the difference between a brother and a father. All his dreams were destroyed. Take a small mouth and sit in his room.

Now even this house was starting to look like an alien to him. After the father left, he felt as if his food and grain had risen from this house. Even once sister came in the room twice, she did not say anything special. At lunch, when the brother came to call, he kept lying quietly saying no hunger. The mind was very depressed. Staying in tears, remembering the parents.

How happy we were because of my results the day before yesterday, how we celebrated the anniversary of my brother-in-law yesterday, and today all the relationships are lost. Just then, a lightning flashed in his mind.

Suresh Bhaiya says that we cannot pay the fees because the salary is less. Then where did the money come from as a gift to the sister-in-law of such a huge gold chain. Is the money strapped Sirf only for me? As soon as this idea came to mind, his mind was surrounded by many doubts. The answer to a doubt is not found, the second doubt would have already gone home in his mind.

After the death of the father, where did his deposit go? Does he have any right to that capital? Should that deposit be used for my studies or for brother's sister-in-law's luxury?

If you sell such a heavy chain, then my fees will come out. This matter will be decided today. As soon as this thing came to mind, I got out of the room full of anger.

Sister-in-law was coming out of the kitchen cleanly. Hearing the sister-in-law, her anger increased. Sometimes he would see the sister-in-law and sometimes that chain lying in his neck.

"No, I want half of Dad's capital. "Suresh then lovingly explained to him that his father did not leave anything behind. This house is also for rent.

Sudhakar understood that the brother was all grabbed and would not give him anything. What will happen to the honor of the parents if they fight. People will find a means to have fun.

His heart was broken and he quietly walked out of the house. He did not want to let himself become a burden on anyone. There was not even a large degree that could get him any job. A friend of his school friend was a goldsmith. At the behest of a friend, they gave him a job at his place. The salary was a little but what was to be done.

He had left the house and started living with a room. Brother-in-law came to meet her several times in her room and asked to go back together. But Sudhakar remained adamant. 

While working at the goldsmith, he worked hard and gained the trust of the goldsmith on the strength of his skill. Goldsmith was very happy with that. A few days later, the son of a goldsmith, who was also a friend of Sudhakar, also started visiting the shop.

Days passed and with his good behavior and skill, that goldsmith explained the entire work to Sudhakar. The goldsmith and his son had now started handling the wholesale business. Now, it was often Sudhakar who started dealing with retail customers at the shops. Everyone was satisfied with his behavior and efficiency.

Now Sudhakar used to get very good salary as well as commission on SAIL. So he had bought a new and big house. With the passage of time, Sudhakar's anger towards his brother also subsided somewhat.

Time passed and one day also came that made Sudhakar's conscience jealous.

One day in the afternoon, Sudhakar was sitting at the shop, when Kanchan Bhabhi came inside in a nervous state. Seeing their condition, Sudhakar also got nervous and asked "what happened sister-in-law." "But nothing was coming out of her mouth. Sweat the sweat on the face with the pallu of her sari. Sweating and sweat became tears. Sister-in-law was crying and trying to say something, but Sudhakar's feet were falling apart.

Then Kanchan Bhabhi told that Suresh is admitted in the hospital for several days. There was a malfunction in one of his heart valves. And the doctor says that if the operation is not done quickly, his life is in danger. Hearing this, Sudhakar felt very sad and tied the sister-in-law and asked, “Do not panic, sister-in-law, brother will get well soon. "

Sudhakar felt very sad due to his health being so bad. After all, what was the relation of blood? Good or bad, brother is a brother. And then apart from brother-in-law, who else had his own in this world.

Now doctors are demanding Rs 2 lakh for the operation.

Hearing this, sister-in-law again started crying. Sister-in-law swore Suresh Bhaiya and explained to Sudhakar that Dad also used to work a job and whatever salary he got, he used to go towards home expenses. Had it been saved, it would not have been capital.

Sudhakar got into thinking, is the sister-in-law telling the truth, or is she covering the truth only to take 2 lakhs from him.

Sudhakar, in a confused state, got a shock as soon as he looked carefully at her to get a facial expression.

Sister-in-law was sitting in front and the same heavy thick gold chain was lying around her neck.

Hey, so much gold is loaded, so why would you not get it done by selling it in such a time of misery. Looking at Sudhakar's eyes on his neck, sister-in-law understood what was going on in his mind.

He immediately took the chain from his neck and put it in front of Sudhakar. Sudhakar looked at them a bit shocked. Sometimes he would look at the chain and sometimes to the sister-in-law. After all, he took up the chain with courage. He felt something strange as soon as he took the chain in his hand. He immediately lifted the test stone from the counter and rubbed the chain on it and saw his face become completely white.

The chain was fake.

Seeing her condition, sister-in-law said, "If it was real, I would have asked you to sell this chain before asking you for money." Your brother's life is much more valuable than this chain. Sudhakar's condition was such that there is no blood, bite. Sister-in-law again explained to her, "We did not want to deprive ourselves of our daily happiness because of the financial constraints. Therefore, at my behest, your brother presented me this chain of gold water on our anniversary. I have always worn it as real so that your brother will not have any grief. "

Sudhakar kept listening, kept sobbing while living. I was confused for how long. Full of guilt he got up from his chair and went to the sister-in-law and wrapped her feet. He did not have the power to face his eyes. Sister-in-law hugs her and the two together shed their old fallen tears in tears.

As soon as the veil of doubt was removed, Sudhakar's love for his brother grew in his mind. He immediately took the sister-in-law and reached the hospital, first of all deposited the doctor's fee, then reached to meet her brother Suresh.

Moral Of Story:- "A person loses his balance, surrounded by doubt and doubt And would create a rift in good relationships These doubts should be avoided." 

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