How to Join IPL Virtual Fan Wall 2020 in the UAE?

Amid the long-awaited fans, today the 13th season of the world's most famous cricket league IPL has started. The Indian Premier League (IPL) is being organized this year in the UAE amidst the empty stadium due to Coronavirus. However, when the teams of Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians came to face each other at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, the teams did not feel away from their fans.

How to Join the IPL Fan Wall 2020?

The BCCI has organized the league for the safety of the biological bio-bubble and is being organized in a safe environment. At the same time, the BCCI has also made special arrangements to ensure that the players do not feel the lack of audience, which we got to see during the first match.


Fake Applause is Playing in the Match IPL 2020

The BCCI has arranged fake clapping to ensure that the players do not miss the spectators during the match. Because of this, when you are watching the live telecast of the match until you look at the empty stand, you will not realize that the fans are not with you on the field. During this time, the BCCI has also arranged fake noise, IPL music, and applause.

BCCI has Installed 4 Fan Walls in IPL 2020

At the same time, BCCI has arranged a 4 fan wall in the stadium, keeping in mind the social distancing of its audience to engage with the match, on which the audience can enjoy the live match in a virtual way. 96 slots will be available for both the teams available on these fan walls installed by BCCI. Through this, fans can connect to the stadium sitting at home and enjoy the live match.

How to Join a Live Match in IPL 2020?

It is worth noting that after watching the fans enjoying the live match on the fan wall during the match, people are starting to have questions about how they can become a part of this fan wall and support their favorite team. If you also want to enjoy the stadium sitting at home, then you can book your slot by visiting Book My Show. The BCCI has partnered with Book My Show and created slots for virtual fan walls so that the fans can enjoy the live match.

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